Technology Solutions

Healthcare providers often find themselves working around their information technology resources rather than utilizing them to solve their business problems. In some cases, solutions that work on paper are never fully delivered, while in others, solutions need to be updated in response to changing situations.

Implementation of new applications includes data integration with existing systems and the replacement of current interfaces. Whether it is batch interfaces, HL7 real-time messaging, web servers, portal integration, HIPAA interfacing, or any other type of integration, Celera Group can provide the knowledge and processes to accomplish the job and provide your IT department with documentation and training to successfully support the solution.

Celera Group’s strong Technology Solutions services facilitate integration of technological capabilities into the business and ensure that technology solutions continue to meet the needs of the business throughout their lifespan. Specific services include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance
    • Project Management
    • Requirements Definition and Specifications
    • Design Facilitation and Application Prototyping
    • Testing and Test Management
    • Quality Management
    • Training
    • Deployment and Transition
  • Web Portal and Knowledge Management
  • Application Extension Development
  • Technology Integration
  • Implementation Planning and Execution